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How long will he survive?


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I'm sorry, I really didn't know where to write this. I hope this is okay :rolleyes:

Long story, short...

I lost one of my Panchlora sp. Giant last night. He crawled under my kitchen cabinets (I can't move them) :unsure:

Of course I don't want him there, so my question is: How long do you think he can survive down there? He may be able to find crumbs, but no fluid/moist.

Thank you very much in advance :)

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Not very long. Panchlora sp. are very sensitive to low moisture. You can try checking the room at night for him or you can try luring him out with a light trap.

Glue traps in safe places. Doubt your Panchlora could infest. You might be able to flush it out with a maglite. Like the light trap idea although its funny to think about using one in the house lol.(Thx for the laugh Zephyr) Usually use my light traps in the National forest hehe this makes my day. Boric acid powder in holes, have never heard of cross contamination. Good Luck!

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The vast majority of cockroach species can't survive the low moisture of a home for very long. As mentioned Panchlora are especially vulnerable to low moisture. Maybe if you put a little pile of wet dirt on the floor next to where he fell you'll find him in there in the morning if he hasn't already dried out and died.

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