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Video: Blaberus giganteus Social Behaviors

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Yes, this was all out in the open, Ozymandias. There are small seemingly-territorial battles from time to time and little nips (bite marks) are evident on the wings, but this was the most active display I've ever had the luck to witness. It seems to be a result of one of the females giving birth. What you didn't see was another small handful of adults hiding beneath the cork bark. Why they weren't more involved in the activity is a question I wonder about. Also, I wonder if anybody else can elaborate on or share experiences with seeing B. giganteus or other Blaberus spp. lift their wings like these did, and whether it is one sex or the other, or both that do this.

I occasionally dump water directly onto the substrate. I do not do it with any consistency or science, but more out of the meeting point of concern vs. convenience (to be perfectly honest). The substrate is less than a centimeter think in most places. There is a heat mat on the bottom of this five gallon tank and since the substrate is so thin, the water often thins it more unevenly in places. When I have nymphs, I typically have a deeper substrate because they prefer it (proof given by their tendency to burrow). Yes, the camera really picked up on those thrashing noises very nicely, and for once my clothes dryer or dishwasher wasn't on! ;)

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Looks like he was trying to breed with her. I caught some of my Eublaberus acting somewhat like that right after a female matured. Mine succeeded to breed with her. Maybe he was "claiming" her with his pheremones for when she is ready to breed?


The males secrete a "candy-like" substance underneath their wings and try to convince the females to eat it as part of the mating ritual.

In the most vulgar sense, I would suppose the males picked up on her capability to mate (since she just gave birth and doesn't have an ootheca in her now) and figured they would try to get lucky. :rolleyes:

Can you blame them though? She is rather comely. :P

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