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How to pack climbing roach species?

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Hi guys. I would like to ask how to pack lobster roaches, harlequins, and other fast climbing roach species?

How do you pack them?

I find it difficult to imagine on how to transfer them from one container to another when selling them considering that plastic tubs are no match.

I don't have experience yet on this one because I have bred and sold non-climbing feeders like black field crickets, dubias, and lateralis.

Are there any other methods?

Can someone help me on this?

Thank you so much in advance.smile.gif

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Get the ones you want to ship into a "work" bin and put whatever you are shipping them in into the bin as their only hiding spot (I use a box with eggcrate in it). Do this a day before you want to ship. Toss some food into their shipping container and they will pack themselves! Works like magic every time.

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