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Hybrid Orange Head and Dubia Roaches?

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In our lab we have two separate roach species that we use as feeders. We have both orange heads (Eublaberus prosticus) and dubia (Blaptica dubia). Well our lab assistants did not listen when I gave them detailed instructions regarding feeding time, keeping the colonies clean, etc. They have been mixing the orange heads and dubia into the same bins. :blink::angry: To the best of my knowledge these two species cannot hybridize. However, even though they are different genera altogether I wanted to double check with you guys that these two species cannot hybridize in our bins. Now to the laborious task of separating 5 roach bins into their respective species. Unless they can hybridize then it will be pretty much pointless as I don't know how long they have been doing it.

Thanks in advance for your help/opinions,


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They will not hybridize. The orangeheads will probably start eating the dubias, though... :P

Thanks Kyle. I didn't think that they would but wanted to double check. I did my best to not loose my temper when I found out they were mixed. I explained the differences and showed the differences again and said every couple of days you need to pull the wrong species out of the bins as whatever nymphs are in there start to reach bigger sizes.

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It is easier to do it yourself then fine someone to help and have to redo what they did! Kinda like having kids! :lol:

Not in this case, we have about 150 animals in our room right now. It would take me a couple of hours a day to feed and care everything. We have two people that both put in 10 hours per week on animal care. And yes it really is just like having kids!

I check on the room daily. It NEVER even crossed my mind that they would mix two separate species together (they knew they were different species). :huh:

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