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strange hisser(maybe gyandromorph) pushing out deformed ootheca.

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A few months back I posted some pics of what I thought may be a gyandromorph. I am still pretty sure it is because it has what looks like one male side and one female side. Today I woke up and it was pushing out some eggs. The intresting thing is the eggs appear to be comming out the male side kinda. It droped some and is still pushing out the rest. If anyone has any info on attempting to rear aborted eggs or thinks they can let me know!

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Wow, that's definitely a gynandromorph! And the eggs do look like they're coming out the male side, but they could just be pushed far to the right and narrowly attached. As far as I know, nobody's succeeded in rearing aborted eggs.

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Thanks for confirming it! After close inspection the eggs were comming out dead center of its backend. I know everyone said on here before gyandromorphs are infetile but I did see it mate(with a male)and some of the eggs looked nicely developed. Im holding out hope that it may try again :)

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