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My lateralis Setup. Opinions?


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Hi all! I'm new to the forum and relatively new to keeping roaches (recently got into keeping them as feeders), but I've been involved with inverts in general for years now. I was hoping to get some feedback on my lateralis feeder colony setup.

Note: The flexwatt(heat tape) running under the tub is not being used and is not plugged in in anyway.

Setup: 22 Sterilite tub w/ screen mesh vent. Thermometer and thermostat probes hang through lid hoels about midway in the air inside the tub. Flexwatt and thermostat set to keep inside of tub at about 90F, though the whole room normally stays in that general temp range, so the thermostat isn't always on and usually kicks on more at night when the room temp drops a little. Whipped cream and peanut butter lids (with roughed up edges) for water gel and dog food. Paper plate(s) for fresh fruits and veggies. Prepared to mist, but haven't had to yet. Opinions, questions, and suggestions/constructive criticism would be warmly welcomed. Thanks! :)



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