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Polyphagidae id

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can anybody identify this species?



I see it has the same round dots of T. petiveriana, not the square dots of the commonly kept stock. Do you have the location in India where the specimens were originally collected? Do you have a stock of these you can send dead males to a taxonomist? It's likely these are all just minor geographic color variations of petiveriana (probably even the question mark) but you could probably get a new species name for it.

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It's a reverse ladybug!

I wonder if the colors are due to its diet... we all know how some foods alter hissers' colors. Although never having kept Therea or knowing the background of the specimen, it's a suggestion.

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Thank you all!

I have the locality information and a little stock but no dead ones yet.

Unfortunately I do not know a fast working taxonomist but there will be some time until the first dead specimens are available for examination of the hind wings and the genitalia.

I do not think that food could be the reason because I keep T. olegrandjeani and T. bernhardti under the same conditions and they have very white spots/markings.

I am looking forward to see the pictures of the T. olegrandjeani.

The picture is from a male that became adult a few days ago.

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Got back from my trip to find all of my grandjeani's passed. (they were old)

If they are molting out like that I can't really imagine it be due to fading or anything along those lines. Infact I have some freshly matured petiveriana. I'll take some pictures in a few minutes and share them. They won't be crystal clear like your shots, but that is only because I don't have a computer to upload onto anymore x)




The female matured before I left town, and the two males that matured did it while I was gone. So these are no older then 3 weeks old.


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