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Dorylaea orini HOLOTYPE

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I never was able to locate a copy of the original description of Dorylaea orini Roth, 2002 because I lost contact L.M. Roth, I didn't realize for years why he no longer answered my e-mails. I was just searching something unrelated and bumped into the holotype listed on the Harvard Entomology site. Dorylaea orini holotype listing

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The link changed, it's

Species record

Orig. comb.:

Dorylaea orini

Blattodea: Blattidae Current comb.:

Type status: Sex/stage: Adult / Male Medium: mounted

MCZ Type No.: 35085

Notes: Label verbatim: Malasia: froma laboratory culture maintained by Orin McMonigle - 2002.

Specimens: MCZT_35085: Adult / Male,

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I imagine with time (and money) Harvard will add photos to the invertebrate holdings.

I don't think George updates that site very often (maybe the funding dried up). When I gave George the data I didn't have the holotype information, just some e-mails from Dr. Roth. Even if Luis Roth's original paper is never uncovered the species name would still be official with the first published species account in 2003 (or later as directly referenced) because there was a holotype deposited in a major holding. Published species accounts now require a holotype deposit to be official whereas a few decades ago anything published could do it.

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