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Deropeltis sp. "Jinka"


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They're very small, right? Would be even better if they're bigger though. Beautiful!

These guys are actually pretty hefty; a little bigger than D. paulinoi and I'm expecting the female to get huge as she fills out with fat and eggs.

Kyle, just wondering where you are getting these new and interesting species. Those are very nice by the way.

I got these guys from DoubleDs.

They look like the old black velvet roaches D. eurythrocephala but those were bigger than E. floridana. Are yours as small or smaller than D. paulinoi?

These are a little bigger than D. paulinoi. I don't think these are D. eurythrocephala; the nymphs have orange heads and orange legs, where as the D. eurythrocephala have red heads throughout their lives (I think?).

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I had only known D. eurythrocephala to be all jet black as an adult and about the same size as the ornate velvets (D.paulinoi).... but that was a long while back.

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