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Greetings from Mexico my name is Dave im no really a fan od roach actually I have phobia to them but I have just got involved into leopard geckos and one of my leos just eats roach!

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HI I live in Mexico city here we have only american roach( we dont dare to use them trust me I really mean it)and as feeders wue have lobster roach, madagascar hissing and red runners, I got an adult leopard gecko that wants only big pray, I gave him some adult red runners and he eat them really nice, but he wont eat the small ones also they are too fast for him and too small for an acurate catch, also he wont eat super mealworms I tried with madagascar nymph and he went crazy and catch it imediatly but the thorns were nasty enought to make him change his mind!

Im looking for dubias here but it seems noone has ever got them.

Love your avatar Orin!

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