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Photo of Worlds largest spider

Matt K

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Fifteen feet? That's a big bug! I assume you must have made that and would love to know the materials and process. (Your garage looks nicer than my house!)

When I was a kid we had great stuff like this. My dad made a skeleton about that tall out of plywood. We painted it. He also had a 9 foot plywood pumpkin. Both hung from the balconies of our house. A guillotine was the only entrance onto our porch. It was made of 2X4's and there was a plywood blade painted silver that fell from about ten or eleven feet to a cutoff area around 7 feet. A very un-PC, by modern standards, bloody head was set off to the side (a mask injected with foam to hold it's shape with liberal amounts of red paint added). Many a child opted to pass on the candy at our door! He originally created these things over the years for our boat club's yearly Halloween "Spook Cruise" event on a local river island. Various adults in the club would set up props and scenes along a trail lined with lit pumpkins from the carving contest. It was pretty scary and it really set a mood there on the dark island in a way that isn't recreated very well in the packed haunted houses these days. So many wonderful memories of good times!

Happy Halloween!

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This was easy and cheap enough I may make another one or two for the house. Basically its some 1/2 inch PVC pipe that I made the "bones" of it, then put weed barrier fabric over that, then a couple cans of spray foam and then paint. The legs are wrapped in black burlap I had leftover from a project years ago (I do tend to keep things I think I might use in the future). Eyes are plastic christmas ornaments I sanded the outer color off of and wiped with a little red paint on a paper towel. Lights are chistmas lights I stuffed in the eyes and ran around under the belly. The belly lights were red but I spritzed them with a little blue and purple spray paint and they are purple-ish light to the naked eye. The whole spider probably weighs 40 pounds +/- 5 lbs., so hanging and securing to the house was not an issue. So far it has stood up to rain twice and a windy day once with no issues. The head and legs all detach from one another as they are held by a screw that runs through the pipe where it is joined together, so I can dismantle it and store it in the attic for next year.

Now I have to find scraps of stuff to cobble together for Christmas, as my neighborhood has expectations of what I will do now.....

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That's impressive! I'd keep it up all year. :P

Now hook it up with a motion-activated "Silly String" spray bottle and really scare people.

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