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Housing multiple roach species together


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I have a huge display tank that I'm currently keeping G. oblongonota and Peppered roaches in and they seem to be getting along just fine. I've had them together for about two months now and I'd really like to introduce a third species to the tank. I'm considering Dorylaea orini or Eurycotis decipiens, since they have a very different look than the two species I already have and seem to have the same environmental requirements. I don't think they'll be able to crossbreed with the species I have, so I'm less worried about that.

My biggest concerns are the size differences and breeding. The Peppereds and G. oblongonota are both very large species, and I'm a little concerned that may cause problems when introducing a much smaller species. Anyone have experience with keeping different sized roaches together? The only other concern I have is breeding. Both D. orini and E. decipiens have oothecas, my current roaches do not. Could there be an issue with the other roaches eating the ooths? I don't want to set up the new roaches for failure.

One last question, how can you tell when your tank is overcrowded? I'm not worried just yet, there are a lot of hiding spaces that are completely unused and it's a *huge* tank, but I want to make sure I split up my colonies before it gets overcrowded.

Thanks for any help!

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I would not suggest keeping species of such different sizes together. You should consider a Blaberus species or Blaptica dubia. If you're concerned about keeping the nymphs separate try a Eublaberus species, their nymphs are like shining armadillos.

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