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All you South Florida people!!

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Im looking to get a colony of the american cockroach started, and I know they are plentiful down south...Do any of ya happen to have any of them, or can ya catch some and send them my way?? Id figure they will make pretty good feeders for people around here in the hills of Colorado!


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What are German browns? Common names are terrible.

Periplaneta americana is the American cockroach which is found in every state. They live mainly in cities and normally in warm wet sewer pipes or drains. These are your 1-2 inch roaches that you see in most pest commercials.

The German cockroach is a completely different animal. It is Blattella germanica, it's barely 3/4 of an inch at best and can live anywhere above freezing as long as it can find food/water.

I find Periplaneta americana to be a great pet roach but because of it's defense odor it's not the best feeder for vertebrates. I have a decent sized colony personally so if you strike out I have some.

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