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Trying Something new for Humidity!


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I LOVE ebay!!

Bought a 2 pack of Terrarium Moss from Exo-Terra a while ago and they came in today...I figured it would really help with humidity and give my roaches some natural plant material if they want to chow on it. Thus far it appears To be working WONDERS...

Here are some pix..


In with the Gold Medal Roaches


Close up of the Gold Medal Roach


In the Dubia's tub


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That set-up looks really nice. I've used native moss for Parcoblatta pennsylvanica, it grows on the wood and they probably eat it along with the main course. Also tried moss with hissers and it seems they like to rip it up and kill it, but it does distract the babies from formulating escape plans.

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After I read this post I was going to pick some moss at the next expo. Then while I was at The good will I found a box of Zoo med terrarium moss for .99 USD. I love when silly coincidences like so happen! I haven't put it in my enclosures yet. I will soon and take some photographs!

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