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Newby with some ??

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Posted by Bill on 11/25/2004, 12:24 pm


I am looking to start a colony of roaches..The crickets are starting to cost too much $.

I will mainly be feeding Crested Geckos/Leo's/and african Fat-Tail Geckos..Babies/Adults..

What would be the best roaches to go with that are non-climbers/Flyers, super prolific, and have babies that are small enough for baby geckos to eat? I was looking at Orange Spotteds and Six spotteds..but the orange spotted nymps look pretty big for a new born gecko to eat and the six spotteds I've heard are hard to keep

Any help and opinions would be great.


Bill Black


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Posted by Derek Moynihan on 12/31/2004, 12:20 pm, in reply to "Newby with some ??"

Bill, In my colonies the orange headed roaches tend to be a bit more narrow than hissers and discoids. I have a large colony of cresteds and a lot of them are started on orange head nymphs. My leopards and fat tails enjoy them too. I have even seen neonate pictus trying to tackle orange head nyphs but they are just a little too small to tackle them. -Derek


Link: http://www.fatflatlizardranch.com/

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