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Just got my shirt in today. It's a large and is a bit longer than expected but still fits well enough. The shirt material is lightweight and relatively thin, but it is a white t-shirt so that's pretty normal. The logo is a slight bit blurry around the edges of the circle but I think that comes from it being a raster image being blown up so large. I'm happy with it though and I'll be sportin it tomorrow when I go out and about. :P


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It looks good to me. I can clearly see the words and the P. americana head.

I want to get the women's P.J. set, with the black and white plaid pants. I like the cut of the t-shirt and will probably be able to wear that in public even if it is part of a P.J. set. I always change into more comfortable pants when I get home anyway.

I feel lucky lately, so I will show my husband the page and maybe he will get the hint?. ;)

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When I said blurry I meant pixelated moreso than an actual blur. The wording and image itself are fine, just the edging is all. I dig the shirt though and certainly does get peoples attention. Lol.

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