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Newbie Wants Mix for Display


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Hi Y'all

Thanks for taking the time to think about my question and for any advice offered. I really want to house the roaches in the topic description together as a display. I would put them in an acrylic tank 5'x18"x18"T. I find each of these roaches visually appealing but I do not know about how they would do together. I plan on starting off with 20 small nymph individuals of each of the four types together and just let them grow and multiply in the large (75 gallon) tank.

I wanted to run it past this group before purchasing and making solid plans.

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As far as the adults go, they do make great display roaches and I really doubt you will have any issues housing them together. I do suggest using sterlite bins or the like as rearing containers and not a large "breeder" tank. Some (not all adults) can be used in the display tank while a few adults should be left in the rearing bins. Remember you want these animals to reproduce enough to keep their number up, you're going to need to be patient with breeding them before you bother with the display anyway. I say this because I kept many of my species communally and it knocked breeding down to nearly zero in some species. I also suggest using a smaller tank to start out with as a display tank. Why not use a 20 gallon long tank to start?

Larger animals breed best when left alone with their own kind, and you're choosing some large ones there. Also keep in mind how often you will see the adults of each species. I feel like all you have chosen except the B. rothi is a good choice as a display. Roth's burrow, it's kind of their thing, you're likely to only see them occasionally. I would suggest getting something like Blaberus craniifer or Eublaberus "ivory". Regardless though, once you get them breeding and have enough adults of each I'm sure the display will look great. Good luck.

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