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Post Your Calendar Photos Here

Peter Clausen

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Please read this first post completely. Post your Calendar Contest photos (ONLY photos) by replying to this thread.

Please include a title for your image and a scientific name for your cockroach. If you need help with identifying your roach species, please ask for help outside this thread. ALL comments will be deleted from this thread aside from the following three points.

Each post in this thread must include:

1. At least One Photo (up to 3 per member, preferably in the same post, if possible)

2. a descriptive title for your photo(s).

3. the scientific name of your roach(es)

After you have entered this information, hit reply.

Failure to upload your photo per the rules and requirements will disqualify your photo. See: Rules

If you don't see your questions answered in the rules section, please visit the: Calendar Questions & Comments Thread

There are two ways to upload photos.

1. Click the Insert Image button (landscape icon). It will ask you for a link to another URL where the photo is stored on the internet (at sites like flickr or photobucket).

2. Or use the attachment feature under the window you are replying in. Simply browse your computer and click "upload attachment".

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E. "ivory" (edit: forgot titles)

Rorschach Conundrum


I'm not 100% sure why they re-sized the images so much when I uploaded them. Let me know if you need the original files. Thanks guys! :)

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I think that's a wrap! Since we ended up with a nice turnout, I'm going to put together a voting thread so we can pick the 12 best. Every member who entered a photo that met the requirements in the rules section will have a winning photo. A few members may have two photos in the calendar.

This thread is now closed, but please feel free to use the Question and Answer thread to discuss the contest in the meantime. It's been great to see a few additional members pulling through for us these past few days. Thanks!

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