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Hello, from SC!

Ryan Minard

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Some of you may recognize me from Mantidforum.net and Beetleforum.net. I'm 16 (17 in a little over a month though) and I live in the upstate of SC. I have only kept one type of roach as a pet before (Madagascar Hissing Cockroach) and that was years ago. I keep mantids and beetles as well as other interesting pets (millipedes, ants, salamanders, etc.) and I'd love to get some roaches again. My cousin down in Florida told me he'd send me some surinam roaches and florida woods roaches. Can't wait! Have any tips for me? Substrate? Could I use leaves? Also... ventilation.

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Welcome. :)

Both are cool species, but can climb well. They will need containers that seal well that can be modified for ventilation. You can find some info in the enclosures and barriers section. I use mostly cocofiber for all my roaches(even if they don't burrow), but I have a few rotten mango leaves in with my Pycnoscelus surinamensis and Periplaneta australasiae, along with the cocofiber.

Careful with the Pycnoscelus surinamensis, they are ninjas with tiny babies and have been known to end up in other colonies and plant pots if not contained properly. Lucky for me, they prefer the outdoors in my climate. :D

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