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Archimandrita Tesselata - do I have both sexes here?


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My 3rd A. tesselata molted last night and it appears to have a slimmer body than my other 2 adults. Can you tell if it might be male from this picture? The first photo is the one that molted last night; the second photo is a confirmed female. The difference is kind of subtle.



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I personally have no way of telling without seeing their ventral side. They could be at different points of the "spreading out post-molt". You can't quote me on the following, but I would guess you have a male female pair there. But like I said, need to see the ventral side to be sure.

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post-2558-0-25356300-1324130535_thumb.jpgI was moving my A.Tesselata's yesterday and found 16 babies. This was 4 months after they molted into adulthood. I now seem to have quite a few huge gravid females. I do not know the numbers, but I do know the timeline! I was thrilled with my 16! I am posting one of the huge girls! and yes, they do seem to be gravid forever!
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