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The cheese!


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Hello, I'm Brie. People have a habit of calling me cheese. How did it all start ?! My non biological but I most certainly consider them parents ....parents run a reptile swap in Illinois. Whilst I was walking around a while back. Looking at everything I have seen 100x before. I decided to play with some B.dubia.... I took some home. Originaly to feed a colony of Cuban knight anoles. Even after I no longer had the colony I kept my roaches. I then purchased some G.portentosa! wound up using the wonderful world of google to find Kyle's site (Roachcrossing.com). Ordered E.javanica,P.aegyptiaca,A.tesselata <3 . Thus far realized that I really have a thing for hissers. Didn't have very good luck with the husbandry of P.aegyptiaca. I could always try again. Also love the peppered roach. Still quite new but oh so many roaches I will have to raise. I've done mantids ...ect idk why I'd never gotten into roaches before. I was horribly misinformed about them. Currently I work three jobs and my collection consists of snakes & roaches. Primary stock of Colubrids (Corns). Heterodon nasicus (western hog nose) named Bob. A one eyed albino boa named Ronny G. I have a young pair of Lamprophis fuliginosus (African house snake). A small long term amphibian group. Xenopus laevis (African clawed frog) I've had "princess" for years. Her mate was 5 or so when he litteraly jumped ship. Darn my ignorance for not having a secure top on the enclosure! One P. labiatus (paddle tail newt) .... Edward ...picked him up years ago...pardon my ignorance again for not doing my reserch at the time. I put him in a 10g with some fish. No fish the next day...from that point on years ago I realized....I don't really find fish all that interesting. I also have a HUGE love for axolotls to the extent I have them tattooed on my thigh. They are OUTSTANDING creatires. I will have to post photographs later. Currenly at work.

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