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Eublaberus sp. "Pantanal"?

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One of my friends got several R. maderae for free, months ago. Now he has spoted some golden winged cockroaches in the tank of the maderaes. He asked me what are these cockroaches and in my oppinion they are Eublaberus sp. "Pantanal". But they are 2,5 cm long! I have some E. distanti and they are 5,5 cm long. And this species are walking on the wall. They can't be an Eublaberus sp. So who are they? He made some pics about a dead specimen. The quality is not so good, but if you can't identificate the roach i think he can shoot a better pic about the roachies. Thank you for the help!

Unidentified roach dorsal side


Ventral side


And in the tank of the R. maderaes


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Definatley Paliida roaches, they are fairley prolific and make good feeders.

Eublab Pantanal look like this.


It's an Eublaberus sp. "Ivory", isn't it? I found a topic about Eublaberus species comparison. There are some pics about the pronotum patterns of 4 species. Accordingly this is an Ivory.

Here is the topic:


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