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How Big Do These Species Get?

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How big do these species get? I have three enclosures, two smaller and one larger. The amount of roaches per species is listed next to each.

L. subcincta (2)

B. craniifer (2)

D. paulinoi (4)

The obvious arrangement would be to keep the four ornate velvets in the bigger container. More roaches = more space, right? But I'm also considering keeping the glow spots in the bigger container, including more substrate for them to burrow around in. But only if the ornate velvet adults are approx. less than 1" in their sexually mature state, where four roaches of this size could remain cozy in a close-fitting space :)

What do you think?

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L. subcincta reaches around 30 mm, B. craniifer can hit around 60mm, and Orin's site says D. paulinoi gets to 32-38 mm, with males being longer because of the wings.

How much bigger is the larger container?

Lucihormetica do like their substrate, but so do craniifer nymphs and you'll probably be getting those before you get young from the glowspots! I haven't kept Deropeltis so I can't say much there.

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The larger container is a half gallon bigger.

It looks like I could manage to keep the L. subcincta in one of the smaller containers, but adding more substrate. And the D. paulinoi would fit in the other container of the same size. And if B. craniifer are getting to be as big as 60mm, perhaps they should go into the larger container?

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