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the importance of crowding dubia


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so i just wanted to post for new members to know how much of a improvement ive seen since beefing up two of my colonies

my one bin is about 600 mix with whatever new dubia are there and about 50 adults,since adding a extra 8 adults i noticed immediate breeding

my second bin ive noticed one new adult molt and tons and tons of new molts in 48 hours! i had about 6 per that bin of 2000 now at 3200 i can visibly see about 6 without even going into the crates to see all the dubia inbetween the egg crates

i had 200 in a 55 gallon tank and i had no movement and none would eat now since transferring to all 18gallon tubs its been a huge success without doubt

just somthing i never saw on forums thought id go into a slight lecture loll :rolleyes:

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