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HUGE hisser, special appearance by A. tesselata

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I know right?!?! And that is a gravid female at that! I was hoping there would be a female equivalent of him and she'd be even bigger than him! I think just for sh*** and giggles I'll take a pic of him next to some of my normal sized males today.

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I'd feel bad for the other males if you decided to keep him in with them, they wouldn't stand a chance!

It's interesting how his abdominal tip appears to be almost normal-sized. Which is good because he shouldn't have trouble mating.

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Nope, G. portentosa. And no, I got the original stock 4 generations ago from a woman named Mariella. They were notably smaller than the ones I am breeding now. He is 3in long and 2 across.

That male looks like it could be one of my giant stock. The sad part is though monsters show up normally it's usually only one out of fifty and no matter how many generations you keep pulling the midjets it doesn't seem to improve the odds.

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yeah thats what my cousin said but i think my hissers are still pretty big I have no idea how old they are because when i bought them i thnk they were already pretty old i will try to post pictures if i figure out how. could you tell me how to post pictures

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