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My roaches and enclosures

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These are my original hissers that I bought at a local pet shop last fall. They are probable Hisser Hybrids in a 30 gallon planted tank. Mom, Dad, Junior (male), and this last brood of I don't know how many:


Mom and Dad




The dubia colony. I started with 2 dozen the same time as the hissers, took back 18 adult males a few months ago to reduce overcrowding, and I probably have a few hundred in there now! It's roughly a 25 gallon plastic tote. I love these guys, they're easy to handle and the babies look like giant sow bugs. :)






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So I took the plunge a little over a month ago and ordered a bunch of species from Zephyr at RoachCrossing. They were all extremely healthy and there is already an adult of every species! I ordered large nymphs since I have absolutely no patience. :lol:

Giant Peppered.

5 nymphs and 1 adult.




10 gallon, will be moved to a 30 gallon tub as soon as I have the room for it.


I only had to wait about a week for my first adult!


Before and after:


Egyptian Sand

2 adult males, 3 nymphs. (I lost one male nymph, it got smooshed by the original hunk of oak I had in there. I was sick for days about it. :( I pulled all the oak out of every tank after that!!)



The nymphs are really neat, like little water bugs.

7 gallon bin


I found the second adult male last night! :D I think the adults are simply stunning!


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Giant Cave:



Temporary 10 gallon. I have a 10 gallon hex that I'm working on making a fake rock wall for that is going to make a great display enclosure! (It's my original fish tank from when I was 4. :) )


Adult female:





Fuzzy nymphs!



7 gallon tub


The adult! I didn't check gender, but it's so frantic I'm guessing it's a male.


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Question Mark:


7 gallon tub


I love this adult! I was able to walk through the house with it just sitting on my wrist so I could show it off to my hubby. It's so calm. :)




Wide Horned Hisser (Gigantic Strain)



They're in a 10 gallon for now, but they have a 30 gallon tub waiting for when I have more room.


He's been looking like a bursting water balloon for two weeks now. He's either going to molt, or pop. :lol: I just wish he'd get with it already!


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Nearly forgot the lats!

Box o' Roaches


I had them originally on eggcrate, but my allergies to them are so severe that it wasn't working out well. I have them now on fake plastic easter grass mats that I had originally bought for my hermit crabs. I plan on picking up a few more mats so they can have more surface area. It's nice to feed though! Just run a cup through the "grass" and get a bunch. :)



Also up there are my scorpions:

Two year-old males in a 30 gallon:




Mom and 14 babies in a 20 gallon:




And a 55 gallon Ecuadorian hermit crab tank that is in no shape to take photos of. They're little tank trashers!




Oh! And my Nephthytis collection:


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Nice collection you got there; I really like all the naturalistic enclosures. One thing, though, I read somewhere that pothos vines might be mildly poisonous, and you seem to have it in quite a few of your enclosures. I don't know how much merit that hypothesis has, but I always try to be on the safe side. You might want to get multiple opinions, though, before you rip it all out of your enclosures. Anyway, you got some really nice species there, good luck with them.

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Thanks! I've read that about pothos as well, but I think the key is that they would have to eat it first. :lol: Been using it since October and haven't had a dead roach yet! The draceana that is in with the hissers is poisonous as well. As long as they're well fed they seem to be able to know what is and what isn't food thankfully. :) Pothos is just some awesome stuff, too. I started with a 4 inch pot in October, and everything you see above is from that one little plant. There is also some covering a 12x16 inch land area in my brackish palludarium and some failed experiments with my hermit crabs. (They like to rip stuff apart for fun. :roll: ) Buy one plant, never need another again for life!

Thank you, J&J! I have a pretty severe allergy to the lats, and keeping them without substrate on eggcrate was causing problems. The peat moss has helped a lot, and there are now a ton of springtails in there doing clean-up duty as well. It's not perfect, but it's working and I'm finally getting some ooths! And as for the dubia - I couldn't imagine them without substrate. They are such diggers! And it's a blast to run your fingers through the substrate and come up with gobs of babies that you didn't know where there. :lol: I'm barely feeding any as I like them too much, so they're more for enjoyment than ease of feeding.

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Had to put an update somewhere because I am so excited - Two of the Domino females are definitely egg-laden! I've caught mating going in there and in the QM cage and the Domino ladies are now enormous. (Haven't gone looking for the QM to see if they are as well.) I also got to witness the Egyptian Sand female laying an ooth last night! :D

I have no idea if they'll actually hatch. :lol: But now I just have to wait and see about there being more babies in the house. :D

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