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Leopard Gecko Refusing Dubias


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Hello, I purchased my starter Dubia colony back in November, with hopes of never having to buy crickets again. Well, every one of my pets have taken the adult males readily, except for one, my adult female Leopard Gecko. I tied feeding her an adult male once; she was rather inquisitive about it, and attacked. She tried to eat it whole, but it might have been a little big, because, after fighting with it for about a minute, she spit it out. However, after this incident, she has wholly refused all dubias of any size whatsoever. I've tried wingless males, nymphs of all sizes, tong feeding, and leaving them in the enclosure overnight; nothing has worked. Has anyone else had a finicky eater like this, who will only eat crickets (which are a pain to buy and keep alive) and mealworms (which I will only feed sparingly)? Also, anyone have any idea as to what I could try to get her to eat one. I've thought about letting her go a week or so without anything, then give her a wingless, limbless roach and see how she reacts. Anyway, this has been really annoying me, especially since my colony is growing so rapidly, and a tarantula and a centipede can only eat so much.

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honestly some leos are like that you might try lateralis, i had a rescue gecko who refused to eat dubias (not enough movement to stimulate there feeding respons) so i mostly fed her lateralis.

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