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Legality of cockroaches


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I was wanting to get a convo going on the legality of cockroaches in certain areas. I came across a guy talking about Canada not allowing the sale or distribution of cockroaches other than for education or research. I live in West Virginia and was wondering if there were other people from here that knew the laws and such here or what the laws were for other places.

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I thought that in California Rhino Roaches were illegal, but I've seen a few Californians posting about their Rhinos' growth, breeding, care and sales on some other sites. I think Rhino's may just not be on any list, which means, if it's not on the list, than it's kind of illegal. I'm not too sure though. I know Ken the Bug Guy sent me a list of all the legal or illegal inverts to own in California, I'll try to find it and post it here.

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