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i have yellow flies/gnats in one of my roaches cages but not all of them. they are this big --- if that helps. the cage contains two adult female madacasgar hissers, one peppered roach nymph and an adult florida ivory millipede. i just opened the lid and scared them out but i do not know if they will come back. should i change the substrate and switch to water crystals?

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Sounds like Phorid flies to me. I had a problem with them last year. I raised the temperature of the enclosure and dried the substrate out. I also found that fewer of them returned when I didn't keep food in their enclosure and made sure that their water stayed INSIDE their dish.

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Yellow is usually fruit flies, especially this time of year. I just had a major breakout in my dubia tub. (They always show up when there's bananas being fed. :( ) They're attracted to the food and stay for the moist substrate. Allowing the top half-inch of substrate to dry out will also usually clear up the problem.

Baiting with a small bowl of cider vinegar mixed with some water and a few drops of dish soap will kill the adults and stop any more eggs from being laid. It should clear up in just a few days. :) Place the bowls near but not in the roach tank!

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