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Asexually reproduced Blatta lateralis refusing to grow up

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I have some Blatta lateralis cockroaches that were 100% reproduced asexually, probably through parthenogenesis (long story, and it's in another post). Anyhow, there are only seven of them, and they are the only ones in their container, and they were born November 21, 2011 and are all alive and well and in different molts at the moment (one is still a tween-molt in a tannish color, not quite maroon, and the others are not quite subadult but close, though all varying in molt), but none are adults yet. Just so we are clear, they are all 30-weeks old. They seem to be molting, but to my eye, it appears to be excessively slowly, especially the little one (aka Little Bo Peep). Do you know if that's normal? Is this a normal cycle for them? Slightly delayed? Very delayed? We are living in Never Never land?

I appreciate any and all feedback on this since I am a very new breeder and still have lots of hope, but it is dwindling by the day.

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