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Yellow Gyna lurida colony.

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I bought these guys from zephyr what seems like ages ago, the colony continues to bloom...despite a few setbacks due to underfeeding/watering.

Whenever I mist or feed I see lot's of babies, and at least 2-4 adult females...the males don't seem to last long, but theres always a new one maturing. I expect to see a new one mature very soon.


12" X 12" X 18" exoterra. Partial list of substrate, cocofiber, oak chips, leaves, bark, longfibered sphagnum moss, sand...oh, and there is a thriving population of springtails. I've not had one issue with mold, it always smells like fresh clean forest loam. The light was for the purpose of these photographs only! The only light they NORMALLY recieve, is ambient light from the window.


I use 2 small heat pads for reptiles, one on the bottom, one on the back, one is 6 watts, the other is 7 watts. Much of the vivarium is enclosed with an insulating foam pad used for ductwork. This is attached with aluminum tape, because the adhesive on the foam doesn't stick very well longterm. Temps vary, but are always in an acceptable range, mid 70's-low 90's depending on room temp. The hillside/hive was built with a very chunky mixture, with lots of loft. This provides tons of habitat for all ages. It's virtually a honeycomb, full of tunnels and hidey-holes.

These are the best pic's I could get of an actual lurida, she was the only one that didn't hide right away.




Any thoughts? Am I doin it right? :unsure:

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Maybe I'm paranoid, I keep thinking my female's wings don't look right...dunno why I think that. They don't seem shriveled, shrunken, or damaged in any way...do they? Also, I've seen what I took to be newly "born" nymphs recently...I'm still not sure they were actually lurida nymphs, as there is a thriving population of various microfauna in this vivarium. Is it possible to safely add more G. lurida stock to this viv?

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