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Oak, Sycamore, Mulberry...?

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Hello, i was wondering about something, i read in te forum about the species of trees that are usable as substrate for roaches and compiled the following list:

Oak, cherry tree, apple tree, sycamore and mulberry, my question is, are these safe for Therea petiveriana as substrate and food, since they eat mostly leafs, has anyone had any success or bad experiences with any of them?

It's a little hard for me to get oak and i know it is the most used, but mulberry and especially sycamore are very abundant around where i live so i was wondering if they are allright

Tks for the help,

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All of those should be fine. Make sure they're dead, brown, and dried.

Personally, I have used oak, maple, and sycamore, though I have found roaches in leaf litters mixes of oak, mulberry, live oak, cottonwood, pine, and even japanese knotweed.

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