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Pine Chip Mulch

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I have a big bag of pine chips (the kind used in gardening for decorative mulch) and I was thinking about mixing it with coco fiber and use that as bedding for some of my roaches. Is it safe for roaches? Do you see any potential problems? In the past I have used it with mantises and havent seen any negative effects.

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I personally wouldn't use it with mt roaches. If I recall correctly, pine trees have natural chemicals in them to ward off pests, that could be detrimental to any roach unlucky enough to ingest it. Furthermore, since roaches tend to eat their substrate, there's a high chance that it could harm your roaches. I would stick to using it with mantises, since they don't eat the substrate. If you want wood in your substrate (which I would recommend doing), get some types of hardwoods, such as oak, beech, or cypress.

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