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Roaches in a too large area

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Probably not though I'd imagine if you were looking at some ridiculously small individuals in a ridiculously large cage they may have trouble with it. Too large of an enclosure will stress many species out, though.

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I have to agree, sometimes I split a colony prematurely, everything slow down, including eating, movement, countship... etc. For most species I have, the perfect quantity for a box is when I open the box to disturb them, there is just enough space for them to packed together and hide at the bottom layers, leaving the top 2 layers of egg crates largely empty.

For many species I have acquired, they only started become really active and breeding crazy when they reach certain density.

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Yeah, put them in a small box first, that's what I will do.

Another problem I was facing at the beginning of most colonies is mites and other critters, they easily overwhelm the nymphs if I keep the enclosure high in humidity and have food in there at all time, so I had to feed and spray sparingly which further slow things down.

I was going to put six small nymphs in this crazy large cage but I should wait until I got more of them right?

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