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Bob, a B. Dubia Nymph


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I've been keeping track of one of my nymphs since I first noticed it. This will be where I post progression pictures of this particular nymph as it grows into adulthood.

Here is a picture of when I first noticed it, almost two months ago


And here is what he looks like today! He has been this colouration for at least four days now.




Bob will be separated from the majority of the other Dubias, just so I can make sure it is him/her that I'm tracking. I only know that this is the same one because of an indentation on its left side and some parts are cratered more so than on the other dubias. I have sexed him before, but I just keep forgetting what gender it is. Once I sex it again, I will post the gender.

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Looks like he/she is repairing its body because that first image doesn't look normal for a nymph but the new molt, although oddly colored, the body looks much more typical of a healthy nymph. Yeah keep us updated!

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I was going to say something about that first picture too. Good work, Bob!

I've read about experiments where isolating nymphs can lead to larger adults but slower developmental times because of the lack of stimuli from other roaches.

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It still looks the same. I just checked on him/it to try to sex him. He seems to have a little bit of damage to that last segment that is preventing me from getting an accurate ID of gender. Its next molt should fix things though; so for now I'll be calling him "it."

I suppose I should post what Bob, and the others are eating.

Main diet is Tropical/goldfish fish flakes

Re-hydrated fruits every other day to every couple of days (Zilla[?] brand freeze dried fruit)

Algae/bottom feeder sinking food tablets (looks like green cat food)

Halo Brand chicken or salmon dry cat food (sensitive stomach or grain free formula. Whatever is on sale at the time of purchase that my cat will eat).

Sometimes they will get fresh bananas or some bruised strawberries. Though fresh produce is something that they rarely get.

The dubia colony that I have at home with me I had to sneak in and the homeowner does not know that I have them. This is why they don't always get fresh produce. Otherwise they'd have a salad every week!

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Oh yes! My dubias miss having citrus fruits... But, it is difficult for me to sneak that into my room for them. Bananas, however, they get fairly often. We typically have too many bananas in the house, so I'll usually sneak back with some slices for them!

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Bags are a rarity in this house, haha. There are also a lot of people that live here, so there's almost always someone in the kitcchen, or in the room adjacent to it. But I now do prep work in the mornings, so I am able to get fresh veggies to them. And I do believe we have mandarin oranges at work now, so I might be able to sneak on slice every week or so.

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I rescued 2 dubia nymphs like this, they were tiny, there bodies were tannish, squishy, and ballooned. After good food they both shed and almost look completely normal but grow slower than normal, probably due to their bodies slowly repairing themselves. If only we could shed and fix broken body parts!

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