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Cockroach Species Suggestions

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I am interested in the idea of culturing a colony of cockroaches, but have run into one very significant issue. I have read in several places that many species of cockroaches can cause severe allergic reactions in a percentage of people. I am allergic to a remarkable array of different substances, so I have no trouble imagining that I would be one of those few people who are extremely sensitive to cockroaches.

Does anyone know of a species that will likely not cause an allergic reaction?

Thanks in advance!


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I have severe reactions to just about everything, and have tested a strong positive to German cockroach allergens. The only species so far that has bothered me was the Lateralis, and the asthmatic reaction was so bad I did have to get rid of them after a month. Otherwise I've been surprisingly fine, even with handling them regularly. :)

You should try it. :) If it's bad you can always rehome them. I would also recommend trying different species as what we're allergic to is the proteins they give off, and each species is going to be a little bit different in that regard, so while one may cause a reaction another may be completely harmless even within the same families.

Having springtails as a clean-up crew in the enclosure may help as well. I had them recommended by several long-time members for help with allergen control, although by that point all my tanks were naturally infested whether I had wanted them or not. They eat basically anything "leftover" from the roaches and break it down even further, and that helps keep allergens from going airborne.

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I'm with Wodesorel here. I have a lot of allergy issues and Lats have a tendency to make me stuffed up for a bit after tank maintenence. Mites and springtails, along with isopods will clean up most issues with mold and whatnot.

I have a few that offer me no allergic reaction at all and those are my Panchlora nivea, firefly mimics, question marks, O. Orientalis, velvet, and oddly enough every species of Periplaneta. (American, Australian, brunnea, and fuliginosa.)

Every species of Eublaberus, Blaberus, Byrsotria, Archimandrita, and Gromphadorhina gives me allergic hives where their feet touch the top of my hand, wrists, or under part of my forearm. My skin is sensitive to it, it's only slightly bothersome and they go away after a half hour. To avoid this, many people use thin gloves, like knit fall gloves when handling these species. Some people have no reaction at all, mind you.

Good luck, let us know what you decide.

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