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Variation in dubia colony, picked out the oddest ones


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This is from someone elses dubia colony, but look how much they vary! I also found 2 odd ones (the smallest) with fat abdomens, but flat heads and raised wing pads, going to see if they outgrow and repair themselves, all these roaches are now in my tank at home to grow. From what I can tell I got all males.


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This thread was about a similar phenomenon in hissers.


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The ones with the "flat heads" will more than likely grow out of it. I have one that had a bad shed, and that is what happened to it. The edges kind of curl upward as well.

As far as the colour variation, I've had a breeding project going on for a while now in which I have about 5 "caramels" and quite a few that are high red/orange with reduced blacks, some with no black pigmentation, it's simply a dark brown. I'm waiting to see if my solid blacks turn out, but currently those are all first- second instar, so they're too small to tell what they'll be.

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I bred a yellow-orange female to a male with high red coloring, my nymphs from them too are first and second instar so hoping to see light colored ones soon!

Here are my almost full grown dubia selected for light coloring, looks like a few inherited it from mom and dad! And yes Marlene the curled ones are about half grown they are longer than normal and almost pure black but growing slowly, look at top left of the photo that is one of them.


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