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First isopods died, now G. portentosa.


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So, I relocated both my G. portentoda hissers (about 10) and my blaberus discoidalis (also about 10) to a 5 gallon aquarium recently, for a temporary holding until I set up larger enclosures. I had previously used the enclosure for millipedes, and it still contained substrate and microfauna for it. However, after I added the new decor and roaches, I started noticing some dead isopods. I should've done something them, but I didn't. Now, this morning I found one of the hissers (the smallest male) on its back having what looked like a seizure. I have no idea what caused it ,and why it hasn't affected the others. The only piece of decor that hadn't been used in other terrariums was a piece of driftwood, which, honestly, I don;t remember where I acquired it. I took it out, and plan on moving some stuff soon, but, for now, I'm going to wait and see. I just don't know what could cause this. Any ideas?

( I had to write this quick, since i have to leave. I'll add a bit more setup info once I get back)

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So, an update:

I moved the hissers out of there into a different enclosure. I had one other die since then (and, oddly enough, it was the second smallest of the group). However, the rest seem fine; I even saw one molt. The discoids, however, have not fared as well. Out of the 10 that I put in there, only 3 remain. I'm honestly baffled about what's causing this. I doubt it's anything in the sub; since for the 5-ish months prior to this, I dug sub out of this enclosure to use in various others, of which the inhabitants have exhibited no ill-effects. All the decorations, apart from the one sketchy piece I mentioned earlier, came from other enclosures. The only thing new was the screen lid and the plastic wrap I used to partially cover it, but I don;t know how either of those could cause this. So, does anyone else have any ideas? At the moment, I'm leaning towards some unknown chemical in the driftwood I found.

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