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E. floridana shake


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Dear Roachkeepers,

I've got some E. floridiana and I put them into a bigger cage today and watch them. I saw them they are shaking! I cannot found any information about it in the forum, so can somebody tell me why they do that?



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Don't worry, it is a normal behavior for them. ;)

They shake to communicate with each other.

Mine do it before mating takes place. I believe that the female approaches the male and if he shakes then he is receptive, if not, he will chase, or kick her away, or not respond to her.

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These roaches are a bit different.

Maybe the male releases a pheromone?

I have read different things about their mating behaviors. I have seen both male and female roaches shaking.

Last night, a few of my E. floridana were chasing each other around the container. I hear and see them doing it often. Even the nymphs will run around the sides of the container with the adults. I have no idea what is going on when there.

They are fun roaches to keep and observe!

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In my opinion they have a very pleasant odor. I love to smell them when I open the cage. By the way, I have a little more than 50 specimen, so I am very curious how will they smell when I get 300. :D

About the article, I cannot read it. :S But it seems interesting.

Never mind, I've figured it out! :D Just saw the PDF button.

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