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Minimum tank size needed to keep a colony going


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Specifically, the species I'm talking about are B.giganteus and H.tenebricosa.

The tank I've been keeping them in is, well..has some gaps and I'd like to replace it. I also need to get rid of the old substrate and do a pretty deep clean of my colony.

I figured, as long as I'm doing that, I might as well separate them into two enclosures (I prefer aquariums), but space is relatively limited.

I'm wondering what the minimum tank size would be?

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Well, my 7 adult and 50-100 giganteus nymphs are in a 10 gallon. They seem fine now, but once the little guys get big I'm going to have to move into something larger. My half-dozen tenebricosas share a 5 gallon with about 15 adult millipedes of various species, as well as numerous plings. I don't see them enough to really know how they're doing; the most I get is an antennae or posterior sticking out of the substrate when I shine a light on them at night.

As Keith said, it really depends on the numbers you have. If you're not planning on breeding too much, I would say a 10 gallon is fine.

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