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Whoa, I'm back!


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Hey guys!

Been a little while since I've been active around here. I wanted to apologize for the absence. I got divorced about 5 months ago and it turned my life into a mess for a bit. But things are looking up again and I'm looking to get back into chatting with you guys and being part of the community again. Once a roach addict always a roach addict, eh?

Anyway, I didn't forget about trying to solidify the ACS with some new graphics or helping to get our names out there. Hopefully I can help. :)

Orin, I'll be in touch with something, soon hopefully.

Glad to be back, my creepy crawly friends.

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Thanks Alex. I'm just glad to be back in working order, lol. I'm bugging Kyle currently for a small restock because I needed to downsize for a little while. I couldn't keep up on all of them and deal with everything else. But now that everything is gelled I'm hopefully going to update my website and return to being a regular within the community again.

I figure the next week or so and ill get my backlog of work caught up and whatnot.

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I always say congrats when I hear that somebody got divorced. Eavesdroppers always cast a few dirty looks my way like I'm insensitive or something. Still, I'm on my second marriage and feel comfortably justified in my response. I probably wouldn't publicly defend my position. Neither wife would appreciate it much;).

Welcome back!

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Haha, thanks Peter. Yeah I certainly am not worked up over being divorced. The first one was obviously not meant to work out so I'm happier as i am now. Besides, now nobody can complain about me having all of these spiders, scorpions, and roaches... Haha. :)

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