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potential invasion in southern CA?

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Hi all,

I am quite worried about the invasion potential of several species that I was considering keeping as a feeder, most namely Blatta (Shelfordella) lateralis, which would be the best feeder if I can contain it. As my reptile room is close to ninety degrees at all times in most places, I am extremely concerned about escaped roaches colonizing my house. Are there any other species that I should definitely avoid keeping? Do you all think that lats could easily be contained, and/or captured if escaped? Are there any feeders besides dubias that you all recommend that I switch to (please take price into account. I cannot afford gold plated cockroaches)?

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The main thing shouldn't be a concern of accidental release and populations growing in your area. The main concern should be what type of feeder you need. Any and all roaches can be secured one way or another. I keep many pest species and I absolutely love them. My Americans are a prime example and also make decent feeders. If you have larger reptiles, keep something like Blaberus fusca and if you have smaller ones Blatta lateralis is a perfect choice. I have scorpions, whip scorpions, tailless whip spiders, and a bearded dragon. My main feeders are B. dubia, B. fusca, G. portentosa, and E. prosticus. Luckily all of these species have tiny babies that can be used for my bark scorpions and large adults for my beardie.

If you need help figuring out how to contain any of your potential species then please contact some of the more advanced keepers on here. Orin, Kyle, and myself have all kept some tricky species and can give some decent advice on the matter.

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I would also like to note, though I am nowhere near as professional a caretaker as the others on here, that I have found random miscreant B. lateralis in my laundry bin (only 2 mind you). I think my biggest suggestion would be to have an airtight seal on the box with some sort of secured mesh on the top (for air)because mine wasn't airtight, but I wasn't concerned about it since the B. lateralis don't climb glass or plastic. Or do they? I have a feeling that if they really put their mind to it (and if, possibly, there is even the slightest footing from substrate held on to the plastic sides by static electricity, etc.) they can escape on rare occasion. That is just my suggestion. Do not fear lats! They are great, and I really love them.

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