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Anyone know about Archiblatta hoeveni?


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if i remember correctly an issue of invertebrates mag had an allpets article on these guys, I'm unable to tell you what issue since my invertebrates mag collection went missing during my last move. i believe the guy that had them was in Asia, china i think but i may be wrong.

i hope that the invert mag collection makes it to digital format someday, along with the rest of the A&E publications.

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Thanks, Orin. I just realized Matt stated they are illegal to possess in the U.S. Cool bug!

Just because they are illegal doesn't mean nobody in the US owns them. There probably is but nobody is going to admit it and risk getting in trouble.

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QUOTE (Matt K @ Nov 24 2009, 05:53 AM)

They are illegal to import into the USA from Japan, very unfortunately. When some were available a while back, they ran about $300 US each, though I knew of someone who paid $70 Euro each a couple years ago. They are probably harder to find than any other roach ever in the hobby and can be exceptionally difficult to keep. Not recommended for a beginner or intermediate hobbiest in my opnion...

Well, I'm not a beginner personally... I was always curious how it would be any more difficult for an "intermediate" to keep difficult insects than someone more experienced, it seems like if a person stuck to the right schedules for humidity, feeding, temp, lighting, and whatever else that they would have just as much of a chance at succeeding as anyone else? I haven't kept any especially difficult roaches before, but I have kept and bred other touchy inverts. I'm not going to give up hope! tongue.gif

Needs can very among species such as nutritional needs. Some species need moister, some need dryness, etc. So an experienced person or at least a person who nows the right source of information to look up their species' needs should be more successfull. But your right in that they are very, very beautiful. Best of luck finding some!!

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On 4/5/2017 at 5:48 PM, Marrader21 said:

Love the antennae on this roach. Is that a fecal spray defense or some other chemical?

From: Phenols as defensive secretion in a Malayan cockroach,Archiblatta hoeveni vollenhoven, Journal of Chemical Ecology,May 1978, Volume 4, Issue 3, pp 375–381:

"They produced sharp chirping noises and re- peatedly sprayed us with large quantities of a stinking fluid. "

"A quantitative analysis gave a ratio of 274:1 (p-cresol to 1 phenol). "

P-cresol  <-- bad smell

Phenol  <-- nasty

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