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Hey everyone, I'm new here and joined because in need Help finding a lost roach. The roach I lost was one of my female Madagascar hissing roaches about week ago and I am very concerned I will not find her. I don't know if she is gravid or not.

I tore the room she was lost in apart everyday for three days and did not find her. I checked everywhere I could including under picture frames on the wall. I also put magazines on the floor around the room hoping she might try and take cover under one. My dad is pretty upset there is a roach in the house and I nearly had a panic attack when I found she was missing. I want to find her alive but we put a few glue traps in the room where it is dark hoping she would get stuck to one :( . If we have an infestation because of my stupidity I will hate myself.

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Please remove the glue traps ASAP.

You do not need to worry about this roach reproducing in your house. She will probably show up. I have had them show up months later. One time I lost a MASSIVE male Gromphadorhina oblongonota (Wide Horn Madagascar Hissing Roach) and it showed up 3 months later in my laptop bag at a very important "official" meeting with unnamed "fancy" people at an state government building. I removed my laptop and it hissed and I acted like nothing happened. They said "Did you hear that?" and I said "Hear what?" I was glad it stayed in my bag the whole meeting

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I hope I find her before its too late :( There isn't really any places I can get hissers easily and I'm trying to slowly(very slowly) get a colony started so I can feed my black roughneck monitor without having to buy annoying and stinky crickets. I've started to rather like my roaches....

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