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Dubia Roach colony is infested!!


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So i have a dubia colony that i have been trying to get started over the past couple months. I was having trouble with humidity out here in Arizona so i put a larger and more open water source. It helped, but it also seems to of helped out some sort of beetle population. The best guess i could come up was they are just flour beetles. So, i've already tried to clean off the adults as best i could and moved them to a new tub. There must of been a couple hitch hikers because they are all over the new container as well. So i was wondering, are they beneficial at all? If not how can i get rid of them?

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Yes, if you are like me and got roaches from a few different people, one of them may have had some cleaner crew insects in with the shipment. They start out as larva and eventually turn into these black beetles. We'd have to see a pic to know for sure.

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The ones I had were dark, pretty much black as I remember (but there might be different colors out there). The cleaner crews are beneficial for larger colonies. They eat the dead roaches and extra poo on the tank floor. Me? I'm more of a purist. I don't like extra stuff in my colony. But I'm sure for most people it's based on preference and whether they have that "neat factor" for you.

Check it out on YouTube. I'm sure if you typed in "cleaner crew" you'll find all sorts of vids!

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Ok thanks. I kinda feel like they would disturb all the young roaches maybe even try eating the newborns. Anyone heard of this happening? If i decide to get rid of them, whats the best way? They are so small i tried hand sorting but any eggs would be microscopic and they must of been on the roaches.

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I've had a few shipments come with the tiny mealworm like ones (which i also used as feeder for baby geckos and the like) and the furry quick dermestid bettles. Its my experience that not only will you not get rid of them but they will eventually get into other tanks and tubs. Both are harmless to your roaches but they will consume the roach food along with corpses and poo. They r pretty easy to live with and i really don't mind them. Those of you that keep dried pinned insects beware the dermestid beetle are a pest that will eats ur dried insects. Museums will use these dermestid beetles to eat the flesh off of bones for display and might be an interesting projet.

A lot of time there are also very small white specs crawling around in the substrate. These are spring tails and are also harmless.

As far as humidity, im also in AZ, just keep reducing air holes untill u find a balance of high enough humidity and enough air circulation. May take time to figureu out but is very doable.

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Hello I know this thread is a year old, however I am quite interested as I raise and produce several species of Roach Bin Colony Cleaner Crews that I sell on my site for Active Roach Breeders. A Cleaner crew is one that effectively eats dead insects and molted skins, excess grains before molding and decaying vegetation thus preventing mold. If need be several species also eat mold! For a most effective Roach Cleaner Crew One Should chose All or Some of the following Clean-Up Crews For Roach Bins.

The Roach Bin Clean-Up Crews I raise and carry are a special mixture of 2 types of larvae & beetles that feed exclusively on protein or dead roaches. The other 2 types of beetles & Larvae feed solely on grain. Together they will consume any dead roach, excess grains and remove water from veggies or fruit before spoiling or molding.

Our Isopods are also great decomposers so they work great as Roach Bin Cleaner Crews. A sizeable colony can eliminate a dead roach and skin in hours before smell sets in they are also Much better with the veggies as they readily eat that which is decaying.

Cleaner Crew Caresheet

Springtails like Isopods are also great decomposers and are great for clearing vegetable matter and they also love to eat mold so no mold worries once the springtails set in. I would recommend Tropical Species of Springtails and Tropical Species of Isopods as an addition to Roach Bin Cleaner Crews. Temperate Species of Isopods and Springtails will be ok though you may find they do not reproduce so readily or thrive as long term with the temperatures dubia require, this may be fine depending on the quantities that you need. Overall you will notice tropical species will fair much better. Temperate species should be cultured outside the tank and added when appropriate whereas you can just add tropicals and they will continue to thrive and reproduce.

If you Have Roach Bins & You Need Cleaner Crews they are available at ReadyReptileFeeders.com links available in my signature or you may p.m. me. Hot & Cold Packs are available and Shipping is Priority or Priority Express

Large Roach Bin Cleaner Crews starting at only 14.95

Springtails Starting at only 6.95

Isopods starting at only 10.95

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