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Home Made Roach Chow, First Try


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Okay, so I decided to make my own Roach Food today. This will be in Gel form, so it is a good food/water source for them.

½ cups of carrots

½ cups of sweet potato

½ cups of peas

½ cups of lima beans

½ cup of yellow squash

2 Bananas

6 Packets of Knox Unflavored Gelatin

Tablespoon of Bee Pollen

Tablespoon of Spirulina

3 Cups of water (you can adjust to your liking)

Now I did cook the Vegetables all together to help mix it all up in the blender and feed a bit to my fish ;-) I cooked the veggies until very tender and combined it with the two Peeled Bananas. Added the Bee Pollen and Spirulina supplement. Blend really well (I used the grind setting), then add the 6 packets of Gelatin I stirred the Gelatin in with a spoon first so that it would not stick to the top of the blender and sides. Blend well (used the grind setting) and the poured into a plastic food container. Then placed into the refrigerator to cool.

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Hey New Braunfels! I'm not too far in San Antonio!

I've been tweaking a dry recipe over the course of the last few months and have found one that seems to work really well. It seems no matter what I put together they eat it (they're roaches for God's sake ) but this one they take to the best, even favoring it over veggies as long as I have water crystals in there too. I still haven't put one together they prefer over fruits, but when I do I'll share that one too! Or start selling it! Well here it is:

3 parts dog food

2 parts Cheerios

1 part soy flour

1 part dried coconut flakes

a few dashes of rolled oats (I'll explain below)

I use a smaller mix of dog food with other proteins to lower the protein content (Cheerios and soy flour are in there to "water it down" but to also add other sources of nourishment). I've read articles about too high of a protein diet increasing their uric acid content, which can cause early colony die-offs and health problems with your dragon. I do admit the jury's still out on how factual this argument is, and I don't want this thread to become a debate on that. I just do it as a precaution since I have dog food in there for convenience.

The dried coconut flakes serve as a sweetener. I found that when I put that much soy flour in the mix, they wouldn't eat the chow unless it was the only thing in the tub. I want the flour in there for the reason above, so I added the flakes and they've taken a huge interest in it. I use the flakes because my wife was going to throw them out, so this was more out of convenience. I used to use raisin bran flakes and Nilla wafer crumbles. This is easier as its in a smaller package.

Lastly, I use the dashes of rolled oats because its a good filler and it seems to make cleaning the coffee grinder I use to grind everything with easier. I look forward to trying your recipe. If you try mine, let me know how it works out!

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Has anyone tried hemp seed yet? My colonies are all based for feeding frogs/chameleons/geckos. So far I'm using a very simple 1 part hemp seed to 1.5 parts bee pollen (finely mixed particles). I put butternut squash on the side. They usually go for the squash/bananas/romaine lettuce but the mixture so far seems to be their favorite.

I KEEP reading all this stuff about bee pollen being the most complete natural source of food but I simply don't buy it. I think it's great for bees because they're simple machines. I think the roaches just like it because it's a sweet treat and more interesting than the leafy greens I typically give them.

I also wanted to avoid the dog food blends people have been boasting for YEARS. I figured hemp seed powder was the best veggie protein alternative.

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Good to see Roachie Fans in Central Texas , I myself reside in Austin, I was at the San Antonio show today and surprisingly I picked up 36 Peppered Roaches for about $1.89 each. These are about as charming at the Giant Caves !!! I will try your receipt as I attempted " roach jello " last week and none of them touched it.

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