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Elliptorhina javanica + G. Portentosa


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I have normal Hissing Roach (G.Portentosa) and I am thinking on buying another variety of Hissing Roach (Elliptorhina javanica).

Elliptorhina Javanica:


--- I have two questions:

1- If I put both of them in the same vivarium will be there a problem ?

(should I buy a separate one ?)

2- They might risk hybridizing and the Javenica variety will disappear because it´s recessive ?

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The G.Portentosa will crush the Elliptorhina javanica WWF style. : )

I think a french seller sold me 2 Black Tiger Hissing Roaches (Gromphadorhina grandidieri) with 3 ordinary hissing roaches.

The 2 black ones are agressive and fearless...one of them made a bull fight against an ordinary one....I think I understand what you mean by WWF.



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