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Myth: dark places are needed for breeding ?


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My vivarium is a transparent plastic box (140 liters) with 15 hissers.

I going to put a big black plastic box inside the vivarium.

----------- Questions:

1- Do hissers prefere/like to hide in dark places ?

2- Do dark places increase the breeding for hissers ?

3- If the black box I am going to put was transparent would give them problems ?

Like perturbating they day/night cycle ?

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Most roach species are nocturnal, meaning come out at night, so they do prefer hiding and to come out in the dark. They will breed even if in light but something to remember, roaches exposed to light all the time may be more stressed, and constant stress can lead to more aborted young. So given the option to hide would be better for them.

I have hissers and they always hide until the room is dark then they emerge to eat.

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