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Roach set ups

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the 1st two on the tank racks im starting for a few smaller colonies

substrate is mix of cocohusk,moss,leaf litter with cork bark and some plants (no pesticides used to grow them lol)

the last two are the tub rack we moved out a few species for the tanks but still have turks,dubia,and hissers on the rack

all small 56qt bins have 10 egg crates the larger 54gal bins hold 20 egg crates

its still a work in progress need to expand the rack down 40 more inches and up 30 more inches its all heated useing flexwatt

Orangeheads are in the large 55gal tank (only one with out a label)

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Kinda looks like when I started!!!!!! Now that I've been doing roaches for quite some time...I hate glass!...I dislike clear anything.. I don't like bigger tubs anymore. I love the smaller ones with locking lids! I keep a roll of screen under my rack hahahaha. I have a hot glue gun in my supplies bin .....stash of egg crates...pcrystals and little tiny condiment cups ....trout chow in case I for some reason have no fresh fruit

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Im using the tanks because those are more my pets and I like to show them off with the small colonies they dont mind they have 1-2 inches to dig and a ton of cork bark to hide

for the larger colonies we have 55gal bins (gray) or 56qt bins (clear) both are full with egg crates

the 55gal tank wasnt finished we added a 30 inch cork log that now houses 100 orangehead adults and all the nymphs

we have sooooooooo many supplies you can see the stack of egg crates we get that every month and use most of it lol

have about 700 various deli cups 8-16-32 ounce cups and we just got in 500 more vented poly lids

use about 15-20 pounds of chow a month,5 gallons of crystals,and big bag of bug burger,25 pounds of carrots,75-100 oranges

85% of that is for the Dubia colony

let me see if I can find the updated pics

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http://tinypic.com/r/209kco1/6 XL grow out bin (54 gal gray bin)

http://tinypic.com/r/5osbk5/6 some males and females sorting from the bin

http://tinypic.com/r/22mgw5/6 Orangehead set up completeish lol

http://tinypic.com/r/2zdnb5c/6 panorama view of the racks

we have another 15 pounds of Dubia coming in this week and 5000 more turks so the empty spaces will be filled shortly

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I like to think of us as both a collector and distributor

B.Dubia sell like crazy we sell over 50k a month

the other 13-14 species we have only two are available for sale but they dont sell as well

Blatta Laterlis,and Eubleberus Posticus

the collection consists of
















think thats all 15 species not all are large colonys most are very small or just nymphs for the moment

we also changed a few things around we had to add a new rack and started using smaller bins for the small colonies (as long as the species will fit)

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