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no birth with Panchlora

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I've got some Panchlorha sp. giant for months, and I've never noticed babies, despite I saw somme ootheca... This looked strange to me, and yesterday, I took a female bearing an ootheca, I isolated her from the colony in a small box, and waited to see the babies... This morning, I've checked the box, the female was in it, but I couldn't find neither eggs, neither babies... So what happened? Did she get the ootheca inside her, did she ate it?

Well, that's quiet strange, because I can't see a single babie in the colony, so this propably happen every time they lay...


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It must be something like 20°C. I've no picture of the enclosure, but I breed them in a 10l tank with 5cm of dead leaves/rotten wood substrate (with humidity), they hide under dead wood and they eat pond sticks, banana and apples. Even if the young are tiny, I should have spotted them in the box with the isolated female if they were born :/

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